Chroma Tech Academy Selenium Practice

Bootstrap multi-select drop-down example
DropDown Multi-Select Example
DropDown Multi-Select Example

Radio Button Example
Suggession Class Example
Dropdown Example
Checkbox Example

Switch Window Example
Switch Tab Example Open Tab
Switch To Alert Example
Modal Example

Web Table Example
Instructor Course Price
John Intro to IT 10
Luis Software Testing Fundamentals 20
Andres Software Development Lifecycle 30
Diego Agile vs Waterfall methodologies 40
Haism Test Cases 50
Hugo Cucumber Scenarios 50
Luis Java Programming 50
Andres Selenium WebDriver Test Automation 60
Diego BDD Framework Architecture 70
Haism Appium Mobile Test Automation 80
Anders Git 80
Element Displayed Example

Web Table Fixed header
Name Position City Amount
John Developer New York City 100,000
David Architect Fairfax 110,000
Rocky Project Manager Harrisburg 120,000
Rick Business Analyst Miami 130,000
Carl Sales Associate Los Angeles 140,000
Johnson CTO Tampa 150,000
Ghost CEO Salem 170,000
Levy Software Engineer San Francisco 180,000
Mario Software Tester Chicago 190,000
Luigi Cloud Engineer Detroit 200,000

Total Amount Collected: 296

Mouse Hover Example
iFrame Example
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